Maik Bieleke

Senior Researcher & Data Scientist

I’m a senior researcher and data scientist in the sport psychology lab at the University of Konstanz, Germany. My interestes include human motivation, effort, and performance in basic and applied research. I passionately use R for data science and in my general workflow.

Out now: The Handbook of Boredom

With contributions from boredom researchers across various disciplines, this book provides a unique and comprehensive exploration of boredom.


  • Foundations: Overview of a multitude of theoretical, conceptual, historical, and methodological aspects of boredom.
  • Correlates: Exploration of the properties of boredom and its links to self-control, mind-wandering, flow, and aggression.
  • Contexts: Insights into boredom in various life domains and its role for health, well-being, and aesthetic experience.


The final chapter is a collective effort of all contributors, offering a panoramic view of the field and outlining its future directions.

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The Handbook of Boredom, edited by Maik Bieleke, Wanja Wolff, & Corinna Martarelli.